Our professionals present a clear view of the full range of strategic alternatives.


We believe client interests are paramount. We recognize that no two transactions are exactly alike, and deliver a customized approach to fit the particular financial, industry, and shareholder requirements of every engagement. Our professionals take great care in presenting a full range of strategic alternatives and offer outstanding capabilities for running highly competitive processes.

Sell Your Business

Exit Strategies: If you are considering your strategic options including the possibility of selling your business the time to start planning is now. Strategic planning in advance of the actual event will help you prepare for the process and can significantly improve the sales price and transaction terms.

Value Your Business

The First Step: Learn the value and importance of our pre-market, valuation of your company. Discover how our exclusive Market Pulse Analysis confirms the value and highlights any of the performance elements which enhance or detract from the total economic valuation of your business.

The M&A Processs

The Process: Our exclusive, confidential and controlled M&A process creates opportunity and unlocks the maximum value for your business. Paragon Ventures is a specialist in the merger, acquisition, and divestiture of private mid-market companies. We facilitate the entire process of buying or selling a business.


Buying a business is one of the biggest life decisions you will ever have to make. It can be a long and laborious process, or it can be a relatively simple transaction if you do your research, get the right advice and cover all the basics.

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Our Sellers come to us to help them achieve the highest and best possible price for your business while taking the least amount of time from you and your company. We know that your time is more valuable when invested in continuing to run your company. In order to achieve the best price, your company must continue to grow. After all, that will be what a buyer who wants to purchase it will be looking for.

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