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Strategic Plans For All Sized Businesses

Whether your just looking to get started, opening the doors or have been in business 10+ years...We have the right plan for business.



Designed for businesses doing 500k or less in revenue.

  • Business Structure Review
  • Strategic Key Performance Indicator Analysis
  • Designated Growth Consultation & Annual Review
  • Tax Return line Item Review
  • Business Plan Advisory 
  • Payroll & Processing Analysis
  • Unlimited Phone Consultations
  • Capital Introduction
  • Business Credit Reporting and Monitoring
  • Business Debt Analysis



Designed for business doing from 500k - 1 Million in revenue.

  • All Incubator Features Plus...
  • Designated Quarterly Growth review
  • Growth Acquisition Strategies
  • Full Corporate Tax Return Review
  • Legal Document Access -Contracts, Documents and Forms
  • SAG Expert Network Connection
  • Private Entrepreneur Community
  •  25% Off Lending Fee's
  • 25% Off Tax Services
  • Discounted Payroll and Merchant Processing Fee's



Enterprise Consulting

Starting From $1497/m

Designed business with over 1 Million in revenue.

Customized solution for businesses that are looking to scale quickly and need a more hand on approach.

  • Dedicated Professional Teams
  • Leading Network Expert Access
  • Deep Dive In To Key Performance Indicators
  • Customized Growth Plans





Training Programs and Services


Worker Opportunity Tax Credit Accelerator Program

Start Receiving up to $9,600 in Federal Tax Credits per New Hire for Your Business Today.

Tax Credit Service & Technology That Helps You Maximize Your Work Opportunity Tax Credits.

What you'll get:

  • A Proven Strategy To Hire and Obtain WOTC Tax Credits.
  • CPA Support and a Team of Dedicated WOTC Specialists.
  • A Powerful System to Target and Screen applicants to Maximize Your Credits.
  • A Streamlined Technology Platform without Complicated Paperwork.
  • Employee Tracking & Tax Credit Processing 
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The Business Credit Blueprint

Our course is designed to get you building your business credit immediately.

What you'll get:

  • By the end of this course you will have learned: How to Establish your Business Entity.
  • What Entity Type is right for your Business
  • How to create Credibility with Lenders and Creditors
  • How Not to Get Red Flagged By Lenders
  • How to Establish your Business Credit Profiles (DnB and Experian Business)
  • SEVERAL GUARANTEED Unsecured Business Lines of Credit . . . TOTALLY Independent of Your Personal Credit!
  • A List of SPECIFIC Vendors that will IMMEDIATELY offer you Business Credit based solely on your Business WITHOUT a Personal Guarantor
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