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 Accepting credit cards is a definite need for Businesses in today’s ever-changing world. Picking the right Credit Card Processor is a challenge.


The Shield Advisory Group Difference:

Almost every Credit Card Processor will attempt to earn your business based on one thing: “Low” Rates & Fees No matter what, their sales pitch is centered around price and how they can process your Credit Card Transactions for virtually no profit for them. We call it the “Bait and Switch” tactic. Sign up for a Low Rate now, only to have it exponentially increased later. Processors get away with it because their statements are hard to read and Merchants have basically accepted that dealing with Credit Card Processors will always be unfair and deceiving.

At SAG, we think differently. In fact, our Mission is to change the way Merchants think about their Credit Card Processor. Instead of lying to you with a hard-to-understand Contract/Proposal in order to get you signed up, our Trusted & Expert Account Executive Team will listen to you and what your business needs.

We only provide your business with what you need and we won’t raise your rates. Ever. Oh that’s right, EVERY processor says that. Well, not any more. We created a smartphone app that’s going to actually hold us accountable to our word.

Our Promise

Transparent Pricing

Clear and concise statements, no hidden fees

Quick Custom Set Up

Fast Approvals Seamless Integration - Same Day Funding

Real Customer Service

Spend more time running your business, Not on hold.

Working Capital Loans

Access to Over 20 different Working Capital Programs


Come see what all of the buzz is about 

 We are changing the scope of the entire Payments Industry and forcing Credit Card Processors to finally play nice.

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If you’re a Business Owner who has been in business for a long time, you’ve probably dealt with a Payment Processor who has lied to you about their bottom line rates and fees. They start your rate out low, and then raise it up quietly over time. Before you know it, you’re paying twice the amount you thought you would be paying.

Most Merchants don’t read their statements, and when they do, they have no idea what they’re looking at. Rate Tracker provides unprecedented transparency and ethics for the Payments Industry. No longer will Processors be able to rip off or deceive hard working Small Business Owners.

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