“ Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships ”.

-Michael Jordan



Meet Our Executive Team

Shield Advisory Group's Executive Team Has Over 3 Decades of Experience Helping Small and Mid-Size Businesses Achieve Their Goals. We Understand The Challenges Business Owners Face Today. Our Team of Growth Experts Have a Robust Track Record and are Dedicated to Helping Business Owners Navigate Challenges They Face Today.

Matthew R. Meehan

Founder & CEO

Prior to Founding Shield Advisory Group, Matthew spent over a two decades on Wall Street. Today Matthew leverages his experience and relationships helping Small and Mid-sized business owners expand their companies through performance-based sales initiatives, business development strategies and guidance for financing & credit solutions. 

Chad S. Brown , CPA

Strategic Partner

Over the past 20 years Chad has  helped a number of small businesses in the area of start-up, planning, operations, marketing, and accounting. During that same time, He has opened and grown 6 retail tax franchise offices doing over 3,000 tax returns annually and become an Area Developer for Liberty Tax in Omaha, NE.


Byron Wolfe, Chief Financial Officer

As an actively licensed CPA, he founded and oversees CFOAF, a financial and accounting consultant firm for small to mid-cap businesses. His ability to break down complex tax laws and implications, required structures and partnership arrangements into easily understood communication makes him a highly sought out financial and business structure consultant. 

Luigi Rosabianca

Operations Manager

Luigi’s diverse background and his broad skill set make him an ideal strategist. With an educational background in architecture, political science and the law, he’s well geared to identify critical avenues for expansion and progress. Moreover, he has managed and formed a vast array of small to medium-sized businesses including Teams from varied backgrounds and sizes.

Bob Alexander

Director of Asset Based Lending

Bob Alexander has spent over 30 years working on Wall Street in the Global Financial Industry at various large institutional firms that included Merrill Lynch and Cantor Fitzgerald. Bob held various global executive roles at these firms that allowed him to obtain a broad knowledge base across Capital Markets, Private Client, Asset Management and Investment Banking. 

Gary Klien

Director of Benefit Planning

Gary has 20 years of experience in the insurance industry. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in both the business benefits side as well as helping individuals with their insurance needs.  Gary specializes in group and individual health, life and all ancillary benefits. Outside of insurance, Gary is also a member of the Florida Board of Realtors and owns several fitness franchises.

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