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How to Stand Out From the Crowd with Roy Osing

Season #2

The small business viking, Roy Osing, joins the show today to discuss what business owners can do in order to thrive. His upcoming book, Be Different or Be Dead, shines a light on the biggest challenge companies of all sizes are facing. With a billion businesses to choose from, how does a company differentiate themselves in the market? Roy says it can be done by making one simple statement, he calls it ‘the only’ statement. He encourages companies to think about what they’re truly good at, what’s unique about them. He says if you can’t figure that out, your business is as good as dead. 

 Every company should be able to fill in the blank of: we are the only ones that ___________. That statement will definitively tell people why they should do business with you over another company. However, don’t feel like your work is done once you’ve figured that out. The world is always changing, and so your ‘the only’ statement will have to be able to shift along the way. In addition to that, Roy says to set bold objectives, as they’ll really help in fueling your innovation. 

 What You’ll Learn:

  • The biggest challenge that businesses are facing.
  • What 3 questions every business owner should be asking.
  • How to develop an executable game plan.
  • What it means to be truly innovative. 

 Favorite Quote:

“Every business needs to think through how they’re special, and what their competitive advantage is.” -Roy Osing




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