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Making it Through the Pandemic with Paul Halme

Season #2

Moving from a small town in South Dakota, Paul Halme planned to train in Jiujitsu in Dallas, TX. Instead, he met his wife and felt like he needed to get a corporate job. He ended up in stock brokering, and continued to train on the weekends. He ended up taking the leap into entrepreneurship and started training others on the side.  One year, Paul’s wife found a space for rent and encouraged Paul to open his own gym. Once that got some traction, Paul quit his day job on the stock market. 


Having never won any competitions, Paul was still successful because he knew how to market and manage other instructors. He ended up writing the book How To Make Money With Your Martial Arts Gym: Even If You Haven’t Won Anything Yet. A lot of people started asking Paul for help and advice, so he turned his sights on consulting. Now, Paul focuses mostly on consulting while managing the managers that run his gyms. 


What You’ll Learn:

  • The difference between jiujitsu, karate, and taeKwondo. 
  • How Paul’s business made it through the pandemic. 
  • What the key to the gym business is.
  • Why opening multiple gyms can be counterproductive. 


Favorite Quote:

“I get to work out, train with my friends, and get paid for it.” -Paul Halme


How To Connect With Paul:


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