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Rewiring Your Brain For Success with ST Rappaport

Season #2

Struggling to read in the 5th grade, ST Rappaport went to tutor after tutor but still remained stuck. As a last resort, a cognitive function specialist was brought in. Not only did ST’s reading improve, so did her confidence, her productivity, and so much more. She was blown away by the success of rewiring her brain and knew it was something she had to be involved in. At the age of 17 she started training in cognitive function. Now, at the age of 23, she’s a successful productivity coach helping entrepreneurs to rewire their brains for efficiency and effectiveness. 


For anyone that hasn’t read the book The Growth Mindset by Helen Glasgow, ST highly recommends it. The book dives into what makes people successful, and, spoiler alert, it isn’t money, IQ, or anything of that sort. Success lies in a person’s mindset. They can either have a fixed mindset, or a growth mindset. Developing a growth mindset is the first step to success. ST helps people to do this through her LifePix University. She promises the experience to be 100% customized to each individual person and what they’re trying to achieve. Beyond that, ST hosts a podcast by the same name.


What You’ll Learn:

  • How many cognitive functions there are.
  • How to overcome obstacles.
  • Why who you surround yourself with matters.
  • And much more!


Favorite Quote:

“If you want to be successful at anything, that’s literally the first thing you have to do, is develop that growth mindset.” -ST Rappaport


How to Connect With ST:

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