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Disrupting Traditional Real Estate With John Bianchi

Season #2

There’s no doubt about it, Airbnb’s have disrupted the real estate market. John Bianchi of Point Analytics says this new industry has made homes into a different asset class. John first got into the industry when he rented out an extra room in his house as a short term rental. When he found that he could cover his entire rent and then some, it was obvious to him that there was something to this. As he looked into the viability of Airbnb’s as a business, John started managing other people’s Airbnb’s for them. He had a keen understanding of what it took for a profitable Airbnb, starting with which homes to select.  John began to notice that most other people trying to get into the industry didn’t have this understanding, and so he created a YouTube tutorial.


John was eventually picked up by one of the biggest short term investment companies, where he works as the data guy. There are a lot of things he looks for when making recommendations of properties to invest in. From major metropolitan areas to vacation destination cities, the number one thing to consider is, is there a demand in that market, a reason for people to come to the area? A big mistake some Airbnb investors make is not looking into regulations for short term rentals, as every state, city, county, and HOA has different rules. There’s a lot of data that goes into creating a successful Airbnb, to find out how John can help you, email him at [email protected] to book your free 15 minutes consultation.


What You’ll Learn:

  • How regulations have emerged and changed in this industry.
  • How Covid changed the short term rental landscape.
  • What amenities people care about with short term rentals.
  • What ecosystem of businesses have been created because of Airbnb’s. 


Favorite Quote:

“Millennials are spending their money on experiences over acquiring things.” -John Bianchi


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