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Making Sales When You Hate Selling with Jim Padilla

Season #2

Those bitten by the entrepreneurial spirit love dreaming big. Brainstorming, strategizing, and setting ambitious goals - it’s what gets them up in the morning. The trouble so many run into, however, is implementing the systems needed for long-term scalability and success. And one of those systems that fall by the wayside is sales.


Jim Padilla, Owner and Founder of Gain the Edge, is on the show today to talk about how he helps business owners rapidly grow their sales without you having to make a single sales call or hire another sales person…ever. 


If sales just aren’t your thing - or you don’t have the time to hire, train, or babysit a sales team, Gain the Edge can step into that role for you. You still get to strategize and plan, but the implementation is handled by Jim and his team of experts, so you can keep your focus on other matters. If you’re in a service-based industry and looking for some help, tune into this episode and then contact Jim to get started.


What You’ll Learn:

  • How he sets up a structure to make sales over time
  • The advantages of having a “hands-off” role when it comes to sales
  • How his team becomes an extension of you and your business
  • How his background (foster care, prison) shaped him into the person he is today
  • His favorite passive income plays
  • …and more!

Favorite Quote:

“If you don’t have a system, you are the system. That means you’re not replicable. That means you’re not scalable.”


Connect with Jim:


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