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Jonathan Hung: Angel Investor

Season #2

Do you have a killer business idea and have considered approaching an angel investor for financing? Are you interested in becoming an angel investor yourself? No matter which side of the table you’re sitting at, today’s guest is here to give us an inside look at the process's inner workings.


Jonathan Hung is a successful VC Partner, Entrepreneur, and prolific angel investor with over 90 pre-SEED and pre-IPO investments under his belt. He’s also a leader in the FoodTech industry and runs Grudge Ventures, focusing on B2C & Consumer Tech and B2B Tech.


For Jonathan, when he decides to invest (or not invest) in a person’s idea, it comes down to the team and their story. Do they have the grit and the drive to be relentless? Are they willing to listen and pivot when needed? Are they going to be a good steward of his money? It’s not always about handing over a 50k check; it’s about finding somebody you want to work with. 


What You’ll Learn:

  • The best investment he’s made
  • What makes a good investment stand out
  • What he looks for when investing in a person or idea
  • The difference between SAFE and Convertible Notes
  • The one sector he would focus on investing in right now
  • What revenue amount does a B2B needs for an exit
  • …and much more!


Favorite Quote:

“Any great entrepreneur will tell you it wasn’t what he or she did, it’s who he or she surrounded themselves with.”


How to connect with Jonathan:

Twitter: @JonathanhungVC




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