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Subject To Deals with Victor Bell, CEO of Bell Capital

Season #2

How does someone go from a school dropout on probation with a felony charge to an Amazon #1 best seller, speaker, and real estate trainer who has transacted over $59 million in real estate across seven states? It all started with a book. And a lot of work. Our guest today is Victor Bell, CEO of Bell Capital. His San Diego-based company acquires and manages real estate properties, focusing on both near-term income generation and long-term value creation. He aims to provide everyday investors access to institutional-level real estate deals in great markets usually reserved for only larger investors. We cover a lot in today's episode on the topic of multifamily real estate investing, with a particular focus on Subject To deals (when an investor takes over the existing financing), how he did a million in real estate in his first year (thanks in part to a phone book), and what he's learned through three market cycles. What You’ll Learn: Why he focuses on multifamily deals Trends he sees in the multifamily space right now Why he’s an advocate for doing business in his own backyard The one geographic area he’d choose to invest in right now (Spoiler alert: It’s not Texas!) Some pitfalls of a Subject To deal How he manages multiple properties at a time …and much more! Favorite Quote: “I’m a big advocate of doing business in your own backyard. There are business deals everywhere.” Connect with Victor: Get his FREE book here: Learn more about his Real Estate Training Program here: How To Get Involved: Matthew Meehan and Luigi Rosabianca use their combined experience to provide insight and strategic advice to help small and medium-sized businesses in America have the same opportunities as corporate 500 companies. If you’re looking for tailor-made solutions to grow your small biz, learn more at Stay Connected: Connect with Matt and Luigi on Instagram: @matthew.r.meehan @luigi_rosabianca @theLiquidLunchProject @ShieldAdvisoryGroup. Visit The Liquid Lunch Project website and subscribe to The Weekly, our Friday morning newsletter, for all the latest in the world of finance, tech, small business, and more. Make sure you never miss an episode — check out The Liquid Lunch Project on Apple Podcasts, and don’t forget to subscribe, rate, and review.


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