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The Liquid Lunch Project

The Liquid Lunch Project

Hosted by: Matthew Meehan

After decades of experience on Wall Street, in finance and building teams of all sizes in multiple industries, Matthew Meehan and Luigi Rosabianca have a world-class understanding of what it takes to scale (and fund)...


How Tough Times Build Perseverance with Jeff Cohen

Season #2 Episode #64

What does it mean to be count-on-able? Jeff Cohen wrote the book on just that. It’s his way of teaching the next generation of freedom fighters how to succeed in business. Whether you’re just starting out, or have...
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The Importance of Not Relying on Social Media Platforms With Dan Hafner

Season #2 Episode #63

Mobile apps are all the rage nowadays. Today we’re talking to the king of mobile apps, Dan Hafner. With a wife in the medical field, Dan found himself moving about every 3 years, which made it hard to hold down a job....
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Back to Business Basics With Alvin Narsey

Season #2 Episode #62

Retail started out as brick and mortar businesses and has recently moved heavily into e-commerce.  Alvin Narsey is a retail business coach that witnessed this shift first hand.  With his beginnings as a pharmacist,...
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How Camera Technology Has Changed with Emmy Wu

Season #2 Episode #61

Video marketing and branding are great tools that every small business should be using.  Everyone has a story that reflects a value, a belief, or a challenge that potential customers can connect with.  Emmy Wu...
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Why Company Core Values Are So Important With Rick Girard

Season #2 Episode #60

There’s been a hiring problem in America.  Potential employees are getting more selective and employers aren’t asking the right questions.  Author of Healing Career Wounds, host of the Hire Power Radio Podcast, and...
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Brent Freeman - Finding Success through Purpose

Season #2 Episode #59

In his fifteen years as an entrepreneur, Brent has endured numerous setbacks and come to the realization that “hardships are the seedlings of joy.” Today's podcast features Brent Freeman, the Founder & President...
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Blaine Oelkers - How to Create New Habits in 21 Seconds, not 21 Days!

Season #2 Episode #58

Is it feasible to form a new habit in just twenty-one seconds? Blaine believes it's absolutely doable and would like to explain how in today’s podcast. “We're creatures of habit,” he says and then goes on to explain...
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Shay Wheat – How to Plan, Produce, and Host a Successful Event

Season #2 Episode #57

Now that the pandemic has gone, it's time to resume event planning. However, planning a successful event requires a significant amount of time and effort on your part, and you may be wondering how to go about it. What...
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Shahar Erez - How the Rise of the Gig Economy Influences the Workforce

Season #2 Episode #56

“The gig economy is now the current reality in America,” Luigi rightly observes. It’s a powerful disruptor in today’s labor market. In the show, Shahar explains how Stoke assists businesses in gaining access to the...
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Bharat Kanodia - How To Determine Your Business's Value

Season #2 Episode #55

Have you ever driven over the Brooklyn Bridge and thought to yourself, “I wonder what this is worth?” Maybe. Maybe not. But for Bharat Kanodia, valuation is his specialization, which means he’s not only thought about...
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Julian Hayes II - How to Achieve Optimal Health and Wellness

Season #2 Episode #54

The majority of people assume they’ll lose their competitive edge as they age. On the other hand, Julian believes that your biological age does not have to rise in tandem with your chronological age. He's here to tell...
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