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Steve Buzogany - The Appreciation Advocate

Season #2 Episode #93

How do you stay top of mind with your clients? It’s an age-old question and one that every business owner struggles with within a competitive market. If everybody is doing a different version of the same thing, how do you stand out? 

Today’s guest is here to solve that problem. Steve Buzogany, Founder and CEO of The Appreciation Advocate, is helping small business owners increase their income through the practice of gift-giving and appreciation to generate referrals. 

In this episode, he explains how his proven method helps owners build better relationships with their clients, helps them stand out from the crowd, gets their message heard by more people in less time, and even have some fun with it! They take on all the responsibility of helping you create and execute the perfect gift that will keep your name at the top of your customer’s minds. 


What You’ll Learn:

  • How his process can transform your prospecting calls

  • Why he never gives gifts in December

  • What’s the difference between a promo and a gift

  • The rule of thumb for how much you should spend

  • The rule of thumb for how often you should send gifts

  • The six criteria that make a good gift

  • The most impactful gift he’s ever received, and the most memorable one he’s given

  • …and more!


Favorite Quote:

“It doesn’t just improve what we do as professionals, it improves how your customers experience you. It’s just good for everybody.”


Connect with Steve:

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