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Building Wealth with Patrick Grimes, CEO of InvestOnMainStreet.Com

Season #2 Episode #92

Passive income. Generational wealth. Increased cash flow. Accelerated retirement.

Sounds pretty good, right? We all want to achieve each of those things, but for the majority of individuals and small business owners, our assets are tied up in more “traditional” or qualified plans, like a 401k or IRA. Not only are we facing the stock market’s volatility, but we are also placing our trust in financial planners who only benefit if we continue to keep our money under their control.

There is a better way - and today’s guest is here to explain why. Patrick Grimes is the Founder and CEO of Invest On Main Street, a private equity firm that makes it easy to passively invest in multifamily real estate and energy. 

The typical American has approximately 8% of their wealth in alternative assets and the rest in a traditional investment portfolio. High-income earners see that number increase to 25%, and the ultra-wealthy have 50%. Patrick poses an important question: If you want to start stepping up the ladder, how do you do that if most of your wealth is trapped? 

What most people don’t realize is that you can take these qualified plans and create a self-directed variant that allows you to carve out space to invest in tangible, more resilient assets. No more relying on company matches. No more being at the mercy of a volatile stock market. If you’re ready to take control and build wealth on your own terms, this episode is a must-listen.


What You’ll Learn:

  • Why you don’t need to live in the place you’re buying real estate
  • The available write-offs you can get for investing in energy
  • Which State Patrick recommends investing in
  • How to identify recession-resilient markets
  • How he uses property managers, onsite management, and service providers to handle the day-to-day operations of his investments
  • How his company can you help you invest and build wealth


Favorite Quote:

“Treat your investments like a business.”


Connect with Patrick:



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