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Small Business Solutions with Jonathan Zacks

Season #2 Episode #87

A good entrepreneur is like a serial murderer; they just can’t stop. And our guest today is proving that point.


Meet Jonathan Zacks, Founder of Make It All Work and Co-Founder of GoReminders. He’s on the show to discuss how his two startups are helping small business owners find solutions to two very common problems: Tech Support and No Call-No Shows. 


For tech support, Make It All Work is a remote service that connects self-proclaimed “non-techy” people with the right technology solutions that are easy to use and understand. Entrepreneurs and small business owners don’t always have the luxury of a go-to person on their team to help troubleshoot IT issues or make system upgrades. Make It All Work can step in to fill that gap and be a full-service solution. 


And for companies struggling with wasted time and lost revenue due to No Call-No Shows, GoReminders is a fully automated solution that is helping thousands of businesses decrease the number of missed appointments…and subsequently increase their revenue. Jonathan describes the software as sort of a crystal ball - it can help determine early on who is likely to be a no-show - and has strategies in place to send well-timed text reminders and confirmation requests to reduce the overall NCNS rates.


There’s a reason Luigi described him as “the best friend of small business.” Be sure to tune into this episode to learn how Jonathan can help you and your team! 


What You’ll Learn:

  • How GoReminders and Make It All Work can help your small business
  • His book recommendations for startups
  • How the dot com bust changed all his plans of working for tech companies and led him to striking out on his own
  • How he markets and sells his services - without a sales team or traditional sales funnel
  • Why text reminders are more powerful (and efficient) than phone calls or emails
  • His favorite software platforms
  • …and much more!


Favorite Quote: 

"Finding a problem to solve at one of those critical points for a business is how I've had success in my business." -Jonathan Zacks

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