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A Branding Deep Dive with Max Gerson

Season #2 Episode #31

Branding is hard work. And it’s more than just creating a shiny new logo or building a new website and expecting immediate results. It’s about narrative and storytelling and, above all else, staying curious. 


On the podcast today is Max Gerson, creator of Brand Wolfe and branding guru. He’s taking us on a deep dive into what branding - effective branding - actually is and how his company is helping small and medium-sized businesses gain clarity and focus. 


For Max, it’s all about staying curious, listening to your audience, and being the brand that loves them back. Your new logo won’t help you meet your sales numbers next quarter. Overhauling your website probably won’t triple your revenue. But engaging with your customers, being in their corner, and knowing what they are saying about you, will help you evolve into the truest version of yourself and your brand - one that people will not only trust but will recommend and refer.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed or stuck or simply need some brand direction, you’ll want to tune in.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How his company, Brand Wolfe, can help with tension in your business
  • Why direction is more important than speed
  • How and when new and existing businesses should focus on branding
  • The one question you should be asking yourself about your brand
  • Why not every piece of marketing is for every single person
  • Why he believes behavior has to change in order for businesses to change
  • The importance of Average Customer Value and Lifetime Customer Value


Favorite Quote:

“Be the brand that loves them back. Show real gratitude to your clients. Know your audience.”

Connect with Max:

Instagram: @thebrandwolfe 



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