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Giving the Global Financial System a Makeover with Noah Healy

Season #2 Episode #30

“The capital market system is a perfect system…it’s very difficult to disrupt it because it’s on a tightrope of mathematical balance. Every once in a while, someone comes along with a jockstrap the size of a barrel that says, maybe we can make the system more perfect.’” - Luigi


That someone is our guest on today’s episode. 


Noah Healy is a mathematician, literal genius, and Founder of Coordisc, a technology product that has the potential to reorder the global financial system altogether. He recognized that in addition to Supply and Demand, information also plays an important role in every deal. Noah found a way to produce a three-sided marketplace that brings Supply, Demand, and Info together - which can ultimately make the entire system considerably less expensive than the current capital markets. 


Intrigued yet? Keep reading - and tune in!


What You’ll Learn:

  • Why he’s been working on a patent for over ten years, and what will come next
  • Why competition will continue to exist but in an improved capacity
  • How blockchain technology provides a forum for marketplaces that don’t rely on traditional regulations, and how he’s incorporating it into his own technology
  • A crash course on the scariest numbers in number theory
  • An analysis of the Fibonacci Sequence
  • …and more!

Favorite Quote: 

“I’ve found a way to produce a three-sided marketplace where Information, Supply, and Demand come together.”

How to Connect with Noah:

[email protected]



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