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Recalibrating Your Mindset with Alundas Havens

Season #2 Episode #29

Our past will shape us - but it doesn’t need to define us.


That’s the message today’s guest is bringing to the episode. Meet USMC Veteran Alundas Havens: CEO and Founder of Alpha Influence Media and host of the Winner’s Paradigm podcast.


The California native shares how his difficult upbringing shaped the person he is today – and how he’s using his podcast to help others unpack the tools needed to recalibrate their mindset to become better versions of themselves for their families, businesses, and communities. He’s also helping fellow entrepreneurs through his media company who need help promoting their products or services on podcasts, using his network to make connections, and help them dial in their message.  


What You’ll Learn:

  • His advice for becoming the elite-level version of yourself
  • How his past shaped who he is today
  • How Alpha Influence Media can help you promote your business
  • How to develop strategic messaging
  • …and much more!

Favorite Quote:

“You got to look at the time you put into yourself - the reading books, the conversations you have; it’s all those things that mold you into becoming that elite-level version of yourself.”

Connect with Alundas:


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TikTok: @alundas_havens



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