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Ronny Leber – How to Develop a Winning Mindset

Season #1 Episode #53

What if you knew you could achieve success simply by learning how to shift your mindset? That is something Ronny has learned from his own life. Adopting a winning mindset can help you transform your life. You might also begin to see challenges as opportunities rather than impediments. He's on the show to discuss how you go about achieving it.

Ronny Leber is a communicator's dream. He is an Austrian legacy coach, keynote speaker, and stadium host. He’s worked live on stage in front of more than 5 million people around the world at major sporting events, corporate events, and seminars over the last, roughly two decades. Since COVID, he's been on television as an anchorman. He loves to entertain, inspire, and create magical moments for his audience.

In this episode of The Liquid Lunch Project, Ronny offers some great tips for improving your communication with your clientele and the public at large. He’s also served as a trainer for Tony Robbins' seminars and workshops. In the show, he tells Matthew and Luigi about his unique experiences and interactions with high achievers like Tom Brady and Tony Robbins. Keep an eye out for all of the incredible moments that changed his life forever.


What You Will Learn:

  • What it was like for Ronny to take the stage for the first time.
  • How your mindset impacts your life.
  • Why it's critical to form emotional connections with the people you work with.
  • How to build emotional connection virtually.
  • And much more!


Favorite Quote:

“To me, success means being the person you were born to be.”

  • Ronny Leber


How To Get Involved:

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