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Ep 49: Liam Chase - What Makes Cryptocurrencies a Great Investment Option

Season #1 Episode #49

Too many people fail at crypto investing because they lack a plan or guide to help them master the skills needed to grow their money securely and effectively. Liam is a specialist in this field and can help you take your investments to new heights.

Liam Chase spent several years in the financial industry, where he learned a lot about the financial system, the economy, and how money works. He saw the flaws in the existing system and since then committed his career to enabling others to benefit from the freedom that cryptocurrencies provide. He serves as a consultant, advising you on the best course of action based on his extensive knowledge.

In this episode of The Liquid Lunch Project, Liam talks with Matthew and Luigi about how he can help you get started with crypto and make the proper decisions so you may invest with confidence. Listen in to find out all you need to know about cryptocurrencies before investing, as well as how they might possibly offer you passive income.


What You Will Learn:

    • What cryptocurrency is and how it works.
    • How to start investing in crypto safely and effectively.
    • Why you should pick DeFi (Decentralized Finance) over your existing traditional financial services.
    • And much more!


Favorite Quote:

“Bitcoin and Ethereum are pretty much the two blue chips right now.”

  • Liam Chase


How To Get Involved:

To discover more about Liam, go to his Website or connect with him on LinkedIn and Facebook. Learn more about Crypto and DeFi by going here.

Matthew Meehan and Luigi Rosabianca possess, between them, a treasure trove of insight and strategic advice for ambitious business owners.

Get in touch with the guys at  ShieldAdvisoryGroup

You can also connect with them on Instagram at  The Liquid Lunch Project, Matthew Meehan, Luigi Rosabianca, and Shield Advisory Group.

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