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The Liquid Lunch Project

The Liquid Lunch Project

Hosted by: Matthew Meehan

After decades of experience on Wall Street, in finance and building teams of all sizes in multiple industries, Matthew Meehan and Luigi Rosabianca have a world-class understanding of what it takes to scale (and fund)...


Ep 41: Bryon Hough - How to Push Through Adversity

Season #1 Episode #41

Bryon went from being a slave of time to being in charge of his own life. The journey was not without its setbacks. Nothing, however, could keep him from achieving his purpose. Rather than letting the difficulties...
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Ep 40: Tim Thrush - The Changing World with Emerging Technology

Season #1 Episode #40

E-Commerce, NFTs, and Blockchains are some of the topics that are constantly front and center these days. It wasn't easy, but your hosts were able to locate someone competent in all three of these areas. Tim Thrush is...
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Ep 39: Stacy Raske – Stepping into Your Genius

Season #1 Episode #39

Stacy knows what it's like to be in the depths of despair. She had gained over 100 pounds, her marriage was in shambles, she lost her corporate position, and above all, she had a terrible relationship with herself a...
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Ep 38: Donnie P. – Building a Lucrative Business with No Capital

Season #1 Episode #38

Donnie had an epiphany while learning the fundamentals of business at the outset of his career: “Most people fail at the first hurdle because they become fixated on the need for stacks of start-up capital in their...
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Ep 37: Joe Cecala- Gaining Access To Financial Freedom With Dream Exchange

Season #1 Episode #37

Dream Exchange is a new, cutting-edge stock exchange designed exclusively for small, medium, and growing businesses. They provide a platform for good-faith owners and investors to connect in “a controlled, fair, and...
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Ep 36: Angie Manson – The Holistic Approach To Addiction Recovery

Season #1 Episode #36

Addiction therapy should aim to help people achieve more than just sobriety. “It should try to encourage people in having more meaningful and productive lives,” says your guest. Every addict deserves a fresh start,...
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Ep 35: Andrew Johnson – How to Run a Successful Family Business

Season #1 Episode #35

Family businesses are either great or terrible and it's rarely anything in between. Today’s guest has an amazing story of their family business to tell you about, and he believes, “It's 100% achievable.” With his...
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Ep 34: Steve Sims – Mastering the Art of Communication

Season #1 Episode #34

"You're still broke and will always be one if you don't know how to communicate,” your guest observes, pointing out that business, at the end of the day, is all about engaging with people and building connections with...
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Ep 33: Christian Espinosa - How To Win The Cyberwar

Season #1 Episode #33

“People gain their relevance in cybersecurity and other highly technical professions by being smarter than other people,” Christian confesses. He also used to value being the “smartest person in the room,” but then...
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Ep 32: Steve Anderson - How To Take Your Business To The Top

Season #1 Episode #32

Jeff Bezos is the world's richest entrepreneur, having built Amazon, the world's fastest company to reach $100 billion in revenue. Many business owners are still perplexed by Amazon's meteoric ascent, unsure of what...
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Ep 31: Steve Shwartz – Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humans

Season #1 Episode #31

Will intelligent robots eventually take over all of our jobs, or maybe the entire world? Artificial intelligence (AI) systems are modern technological marvels. Many of us are left wondering where it will all end as a...
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Ep 30: Wes Barefoot - Perks of Being Your Own Boss

Season #1 Episode #30

Whether you're a successful business owner or trying to start your own business for the first time, franchising may be a great opportunity to take charge of your life and create freedom for yourself. Wes has reaped...
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