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The Liquid Lunch Project

The Liquid Lunch Project

Hosted by: Matthew Meehan

After decades of experience on Wall Street, in finance and building teams of all sizes in multiple industries, Matthew Meehan and Luigi Rosabianca have a world-class understanding of what it takes to scale (and fund)...


Ronny Leber – How to Develop a Winning Mindset

Season #1 Episode #53

What if you knew you could achieve success simply by learning how to shift your mindset? That is something Ronny has learned from his own life. Adopting a winning mindset can help you transform your life. You might...
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Ep 52: Jessica Dennehy – How to Live Life on Your Own Terms

Season #1 Episode #52

Jessica began her career as a Wall Street attorney, overseeing the stock market. She resigned from her work to take charge of her life and live it on her own terms. Luigi rightly addresses her as “the poster child for...
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Ep 51: David Selinger – How AI Predicts and Prevents Crime

Season #1 Episode #51

Success doesn’t come without failure and David knows this all too well. His LinkedIn profile looks to be a never-ending list of tech start-ups over the past two decades. Some have had a lot of success, while others...
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Ep 50: Daniel Tolson – How Emotional Intelligence Impacts Business Success

Season #1 Episode #50

“Fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs are the only things standing in the way of your success,” Daniel believes. As a child, he had a Linear Sequential Learning Disability. Not just that, he had a curved spine, hips...
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Ep 49: Liam Chase - What Makes Cryptocurrencies a Great Investment Option

Season #1 Episode #49

Too many people fail at crypto investing because they lack a plan or guide to help them master the skills needed to grow their money securely and effectively. Liam is a specialist in this field and can help you take...
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Ep 48: Dan Zavorotny - Boost Your Health Performance on a Day-to-Day Basis

Season #1 Episode #48

CGMs (Continuous Glucose Monitors) can tell you more about how food affects your body than any other device. Dan and his team are on a mission to personalize nutrition using CGM and Machine Learning. In layman's...
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Ep 47: John Jonas - How to Find, Hire, and Manage Filipino Virtual Workers

Season #1 Episode #47

To make a living as a full-time worker, John seldom works full-time. Instead, he manages a team of Filipino virtual assistants that support him in running his business and help him make millions of dollars online....
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Ep 46: David Siegel - Awaken the Leader in You

Season #1 Episode #46

Self-care is the key to happiness and success at work and in life. David is a firm believer in this. He places his well-being above everything else to ensure he stays motivated and meets his many responsibilities to...
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Ep 45: Erik Fogg - Bootstrapping Versus Venture Capital: Finding What’s Right for You

Season #1 Episode #45

As an entrepreneur, how do you choose between bootstrapping and venture capital, when it comes to funding your startup? Each comes with advantages and limitations. Erik knows a lot about it since he’s been running a...
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Ep 44: Richard Shaull – How To Run A Business Without It Running You

Season #1 Episode #44

“What got you into business as an entrepreneur is not what will allow you to scale your business to the next level,” Richard had this epiphany after one of his businesses had nearly killed him. Since then, he’s made...
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Ep 43: Wiley McArthur- Unlocking Your Limitless Potential with Mind Hacking

Season #1 Episode #43

“No one but you can stop yourself from being the most powerful person you can be,” Wiley says as he goes on to explain human nature. The Mind Ninja can help you figure out how to break free from your own limitations,...
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Ep 42: Glenn Hopper – Stepping into the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Season #1 Episode #42

To allow businesses to prosper in the Age of AI and automation, every department in every firm must undergo its own digital transformation. Glenn has an extensive background in finance. He’s on the show to tell all...
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