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The Liquid Lunch Project

The Liquid Lunch Project

Hosted by: Matthew Meehan

After decades of experience on Wall Street, in finance and building teams of all sizes in multiple industries, Matthew Meehan and Luigi Rosabianca have a world-class understanding of what it takes to scale (and fund)...


Recalibrating Your Mindset with Alundas Havens

Season #2 Episode #29

Our past will shape us - but it doesn’t need to define us.   That’s the message today’s guest is bringing to the episode. Meet USMC Veteran Alundas Havens: CEO and Founder of Alpha Influence Media and host of the...
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Podcasting 101 with Jason Cercone

Season #2 Episode #28

Have you thought about starting your own podcast but need help figuring out where to begin? Today’s guest is Jason Cercone, founder of Absolute Evolution Branding, and he’s spilling all his best advice for aspiring...
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Jonathan Hung: Angel Investor

Season #2 Episode #80

Do you have a killer business idea and have considered approaching an angel investor for financing? Are you interested in becoming an angel investor yourself? No matter which side of the table you’re sitting at,...
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Professional Development Solutions with Steve Gilman

Season #2 Episode #79

Professional development opportunities: It doesn’t matter if you’re running a three-person operation or have hundreds of people on the payroll - this is something every business and corporation should offer to their...
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Making Sales When You Hate Selling with Jim Padilla

Season #2 Episode #78

Those bitten by the entrepreneurial spirit love dreaming big. Brainstorming, strategizing, and setting ambitious goals - it’s what gets them up in the morning. The trouble so many run into, however, is implementing...
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Sitting Down With an Arsonist with Dr. Angela Mulrooney

Season #2 Episode #77

“There’s nothing more challenging or rewarding than a successful pivot.” - Luigi   Today’s podcast guest is no stranger to the concept of pivoting. Dr. Angela Mulrooney, aka The Arsonist, went from a successful...
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Scaling Through Optimization and Affiliate Programs with Jon Weberg

Season #2 Episode #76

Digital marketing. Affiliate programs. Optimization. Lead generation. We’re talking about all these topics and more in this 30-minute episode, so we suggest following Luigi’s lead and bringing a pen a paper because...
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Strategic Marketing with Tim Fitzpatrick

Season #2 Episode #75

What’s the simplest yet most complex problem that small businesses face on a daily basis? One word: Marketing.   You know you need to do it, but where do you start? It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with information...
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Using Inflation to Our Advantage with Bronson Hill

Season #2 Episode #74

Inflation is hitting the American consumer on all fronts. It’s frustrating to walk into a store or pull up the pump, and the same product now costs 25% more. But if what we told you there was a silver lining and you...
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Becoming a Better Communicator with Brenden from MasterTalk

Season #2 Episode #73

In this episode of The Liquid Lunch Project, Matt and Luigi sit down with Brenden from MasterTalk. If you’re not already familiar with who he is, we can promise you’ll want to know more after these 30 minutes. ...
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Marketing Through Connection with Bryan Kramer

Season #2 Episode #72

There’s not much that can’t be automated these days. But in our quest for efficiency and cost-saving solutions, we’ve forgotten a very crucial aspect of business relationships: Human connection.   The days of the...
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The Evolving Music Industry With Darren Paltrowitz

Season #2 Episode #71

As a teenager, Darren Paltrowitz started writing for music publications in exchange for free albums and concert tickets. Having been at it for over 20 years, Darren has seen the music industry go through a lot of...
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