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All the Tools You Need to Build a Successful Business


We implement Real Growth and Meaningful Change

Strategic Planning

Effective long-term planning requires careful coordination of organizational stakeholders, a transformation mindset, and deep industry expertise to drive capability-forward and market-back strategic plans. SAG partners with executive leadership teams to create a long-range plan that considers the unique nuances, capabilities, and opportunities for your business.

Business Coaching

Sustainable transformations require significant amounts of time, patience, energy, and incredible degrees of persistence and resilience. But transformations also require an actionable and focused guidance for your organization. SAG’s Business Coaching program helps keep you accountable and focused on your vision while giving your business access to industry experts.

Organizational Development

Between tight budgets and program demand, your organization must do more with less — and do it well no matter what because so many people are depending on you. SAG Strategies will help you make the most of your people, processes, and plans so you can deliver on your promises and perform at the top of your game. We do that through customized organizational development and change management work.

Growth Strategies

Effective growth in the modern business landscape requires a holistic view of market dynamics, organizational culture, actionable data and analytics, and human capital management. The path to growth is no longer linear and continues to change more rapidly and in more volatile ways. Shield Advisory Group consultants partner with you to enable a path to growth for your business.

  • New Market Entry and Global Expansion
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Business Model Redesign
  • Asset Efficiency
  • Digital Marketing and Sales Strategy
  • Consumer-Driven Innovation

Business Management Consulting

A business strategy that sits in a binder on a shelf and cannot be executed is worthless. A strong operational strategy:

· Ensures that every aspect of an organization (from R&D investments to supply chain to customer interactions) supports the corporate goals

· Includes actionable substance that can be measured and monitored

· Leverages a governance structure and management processes that allow the organization to excel.



Luigi Rosabianca

Business Strategic Consultant at Shield Advisory Group

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