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The Metaverse Isn’t New, Its Just Now Cashing In

Jan 13, 2022

The Metaverse Has Been Around for Years, Cyclists Just Didn’t Know It!

Full disclaimer: I’m a cyclist and I didn’t see it coming either. Cycling may take varying forms; from the weekend warrior to the daily commuter, we all envision that climb up The Alpe d’Huez or crossing the finish line of The Tour de France down the Champs Elysée. The reality is…most of us don’t make the time to go on that exotic excursion or have the fitness levels to reach professional stardom. So, we dream.

Enter stage left, years ago sporting Apps such as Zwift, Strava and numerous others afforded the sportsman in all of us to “experience” riding in the South of France or trekking across the plains of New Zealand.

If you want to learn about the Metaverse download a sampling of one of these Apps. The only difference is these Apps did not see the potential. Sure, they made some nice money with monthly...

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