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Mastering Cash Flow Management for Small Business Owners

Dec 06, 2023

When it comes to running a business, few challenges are as crucial to navigate as the ebb and flow of cash. You could be the world's best planner, the Queen of Order, the Maestro of the Budget, or the teller of fortunes, but nobody (and we mean nobody) is immune to the occasional hiccup when it comes to not having the cash you need…when you need it.

Today, we'll explore why cash flow is paramount and provide actionable tips for its effective management.


The Importance of Cash Flow

Cash flow is the heartbeat of your business, governing its financial health. It's not merely about revenue but the strategic timing of when money enters and exits your operation. (The flow, if you will.)


Here are key reasons why you shouldn’t take your eyes off cash flow:

  • Survival and Stability: Cash flow is the lifeblood that sustains day-to-day operations. It ensures the operational continuity of your business by covering immediate expenses, salaries, and essential overheads.
  • ...
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How are You Getting Paid?

Nov 30, 2022

Will that be cash or charge?

When was the last time you heard that phrase? Or - and here’s a bigger throwback for you - when someone asked if you wanted to pay by check? It seems wild that just twenty years ago, we could walk into the mall (remember those?) and leave with a new pair of shoes simply by putting our John Hancock on a slip of paper (with the logo of our favorite football team in the background) that may or may not clear once it hit the bank. 

How we pay for things continues to evolve, and as a small business owner, you must understand how these changes affect your bottom line. (Spoiler alert: It ALL affects your bottom line.) We now have cash, credit cards, debit cards, ACH payments, checks, mobile wallets, and various peer-to-peer payment and online platforms to choose from. 

So which ones should you accept? And which of them should you kick to the curb? 

The jerk-knee response is, “take them all,” right? You want to make it as...

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What is Cash-flow Based Financing?

Jun 01, 2020

Many businesses have already proven “concept” and have consistently increased sales. Their strength is that they have shown stability and that they can effectively run a growing business. The risk to the lender is less as they are established businesses that are growing. How are your sales? Sales are the difference between an untested concept or idea, and a real operating business. Will your idea be well received? Do YOU know how to operate a business? Sales answer these questions. If you have consistent sales, the next question is does the business have existing cash flow proven by bank statements? There are lending options available that only require a quick bank statement review for approval. They won’t even need to look at your tax returns, so even if your business shows a loss you’ll still be okay. The next question is does the business have over $60,000 annually received in credit card sales? Does the business have over $120,000 annually going through...

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