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Go Bold or Get Old

Feb 04, 2021

The American Entrepreneur is Not Easily Deterred

One of our organization’s mantras, if not obsession, is our desire to implement systems within our client’s operations to allow for streamlined operations. A beautiful thing occurs when an entrepreneur is not bogged down by administrative muck: he or she is able to dream. When an American small business owner dreams, special things happen. Expansion plans, acquisitions, diversification of product lines: a business owner must have the peace of mind to think in bold macro terms.

This is part of the American historical mindset. Some of the greatest transformative acts in our history came with much resistance. Let us look at several bold, transformative decisions and that decision maker’s ambivalence towards the vehement opposition resulting therefrom.

Acquisition of The Louisiana Territory was a long-term goal of President Thomas Jefferson. Seeking control of the vital Mississippi River port of New Orleans, Jefferson...

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What a way to end the Year!

Dec 29, 2020

A great article was written by our very own, Matthew Meehan (CEO, Shield Advisory Group) being featured in #Forbes today!

 Check it out and let us know your thoughts. 

Three Team-Building Tips For New Business Owners

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Confectionary Espionage to Win Over Our Sweet Teeth

Dec 23, 2020
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How We Eliminate All Credit Card Processing Fees | The Next Normal by Shield Advisory Group

Nov 03, 2020

In this video, we will talk about how we're eliminating all credit card processing fees across the boards for all merchants.

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Lace Up for a Family Feud

Oct 26, 2020

How Leveraging a Unique Concept Can Revolutionize Your Business, and an Entire Industry

This is the tale of a couple of small-town German brothers, Adolf and Rudolf Dassler, from the rural town of Herzogenaurach, at the turn of the last century. Rudolf, the 3rd born, and Adolf, 4th born, humbly assisted their Mom Pauline with her laundry service by delivering the cleaned linens and clothing to their neighbors.

Upon completion of his high school education, fulfilling a promise to his father, Adolf began an apprenticeship as a baker. However, his true interests revolved around sports, so he occupied his free time playing athletic competitions in track and field, soccer, boxing, ice-hockey, javelin, as well as skiing and ski jumping. After finishing his apprenticeship, ‘Adi’ pursued these other interests.

Adi soon becomes an accomplished athlete, and more relevantly to my lesson today, a careful observer. He recognized the athletes of each discipline he participated in...

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Missteps Can Lead to The Greatest Strides

Oct 01, 2020

How Forgetting One’s Wallet Affected the Contents of Every Wallet Thereafter.

In 1949, businessman Frank X. McNamara forgot his wallet while dining out at a New York City restaurant. Cheeky trick. Fortunately, his wife rescued him and paid the tab. It was an embarrassment he resolved never to face again. Legend has it this was the true start of the feminist movement.

One year later, February 1950: McNamara returned to Major’s Cabin Grill with his partner and trusted attorney, Ralph Schneider. When the bill arrived this time, McNamara paid with a small cardboard card, known today as a Diners Club Card. This event was hailed as the “First Supper,” paving the way for the world’s first multipurpose charge card. Diners Club made its mark on history becoming the world’s first independent credit card company. ( A charge card as distinguished from a credit card, as it requires paying off your full balance once a month.)

In its first year of...

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Tailor Made Solutions for Growth

Sep 17, 2020

One Doesn't Go to a Shoemaker to Hem One’s Trousers.

Many small business owners started their companies to pursue their passions: designing jewelry, helping care for people, opening a restaurant, even starting an online store or manufacturing company. Then they start wearing numerous hats: CEO, marketing, product development, supply chain, and sales. Who has time for all this? Moreover, in this current environment, who has the tolerance for in-person, sit-down meetings where an hourglass is turned?

Advisors now, more than ever, need to take a personalized approach to supporting small business owners solve unique problems that hinder growth. Blanket solutions that feign to cure all ails are no longer viable. A bespoke, customized solution is essential.

Shield Advisory Group is keenly positioned to address these varied concerns as they arise.

Shield Advisory Group specializes in getting our clients access to credit and capital at the best rates and terms available.

Our team...

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